Publisert av: f | mars 14, 2009

Hva vil du gjøre i fasten?

Jeg fant denne listen på ‘elgenens blogg. Synes det var en som gjerne kunne postes her også. Håper ‘elgenen synes det er greit=) Hvordan be rosenkransen? Det kan du få hjelp til på denne bloggen. Sjekk for eksempel ut Del 1 og en rosenkrans. De ulike mysteriene kan du finne her. Legg spesielt merke til nr 17.

1. Pray the Rosary every day.
2. Receive Communion at Mass every day.
3. Go to Confession every Friday.
4. Pray the Family Rosary every day or once a week.
5. Pray in silence 20 minutes a day.
6. Make a Eucharistic visit every day.
7. Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet (at 3:00 PM) every day.

8. Fast on bread and water one to three times per week.
9. Read a spiritual book.
10. Give a painfully large donation to charity.
11. Give a donation to charity instead of buying something for you.
12. Pray «Jesus, I love you!» in the first waking seconds of the day.
13. Listen to Catholic CDs.
14. Do something major to improve your marriage.
15. Volunteer anywhere: at your kid’s school, homeless shelter
16. Visit a home for the elderly

17. Give up something you absolutely love, crave, or spend time on, or that annoys the people you love, including:

-television or your favorite television show
-television before a certain hour
-television AFTER a certain hour
-diet soda (brus)
-chocolate, and anything with chocolate flavor
-all snacks or desserts
-following your favorite sports team
-video games
-celebrity magazines
-booze (alkohol)
-a destructive, irresistable «friendship»
-foul language
-picking your nose
-driving when you could walk
-sleeping in late on the weekends
-sleeping an «extra» ten minutes in the morning
-not cooking breakfast for your kids
-shopping for clothes or food
-text messaging
-not stopping by your neighbors to say hello for weeks
-failing to visit or call your «not close by» relatives
-soap operas
-some of your «alone» time doing any hobby
-nagging your husband / wife
-interrupting others
-knitting, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, sudoku
-cigarettes, cigars, gum, mints
-cellphone calls in your car on the drive home
-bluetooth headset (harder than you think)
-eat your vegetables (even you adults)
-betting (tipping, lotteri)
-gossiping – say something nice instead
-stealing «little stuff» from your employer, including time online
-thinking about yourself when you wake up or go to sleep (pray instead)
-thinking about yourself when you drive (pray instead)
-buying anything you don’t need

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